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WOMEN DELIVER … and so much more than babies

Med in CH #7, June 2016

 WOMEN DELIVER … and so much more than babies MMS Gender equality, abortion, child marriage, quality of maternal care, violence against women and investment in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, new technology and innovative solutions were just some of the topics discussed at Women Deliver 2016, the world's largest conference on women's and girls’ health, rights and wellbeing. A total of 5’700 participants from 194 countries joined the event - including government ministers, policy makers, business leaders and representatives of non-governmental organisations, members of civil society organisations, youth, activists, royal family members and celebrities - to discuss how to improve the lives of girls and women by the SDG target date of 2030. A report written by Carine Weiss, Carolyn Blake and Leah F. Bohle.


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