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26/05/2020 / 1pm – 4.30pm; Kunsthaus Centre d'art Pasquart, Seevorstadt 71, 2502 Biel

Digital Health Forum

Share your Experiences with Digital Health Technology

MMS With the rapid dissemination of digital technologies in health, the work of Swiss organisations active in the field of international health cooperation is ...

03/06/2020 / Graduate Institute Geneva

Advocacy in International Affairs

Influence the influencers

Graduate Institute Geneva Understand webs of global, regional, national and local actors. Develop analytical frameworks, leadership skills, communication objectives and strategies ...

04/06/2020 / Lecture Hall (Grosser Hörsaal), Schönes Haus, Nadelberg 6, 4051 Basel

1st Conference of the Swiss Implementation Science Network (IMPACT)

June 4-5, 2020, Basel (Switzerland)

Swiss Implementation Science Network (IMPACT) We warmly welcome you in Basel to be part of an exciting next phase in Swiss health care research! The 1st IMPACT conference consists of two parts: In the late ...

08/06/2020 / Swiss TPH in Basel, Switzerland

Master of Business Administration in International Health Management

Modules 2020 - On going

Swiss TPH Strong managers and leaders are needed to ensure sustainable and equitable health systems that can respond to current and future health needs. The MBA in ...

02/07/2020 / 09.00 -17.30, Swiss TPH, Basel

Travel health for partners and families: What to consider before and during your stay abroad?

Swiss TPH The course provides an overview of health-related issues expatriates and their families may face during their stay abroad. The goal of the course is to equip ...

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