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Global Health and Switzerland

Global Health and Switzerland

The right to health means every human being having the right to be born and grow up, to work and grow old without their health being jeopardized by human-influenced actions or by circumstances that humans can influence. This right has to be implemented and protected by individual nation states, but also by the international community. The Medicus Mundi Switzerland network is therefore dedicated to an active, solidarity-based health policy for Switzerland. (Photo: High Level Meeting, New York, June 2016/ Carine Weiss, Medicus Mundi Switzerland)

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May 15, 2019 / 14h00 à 17h30 à l’Auditorium USI (Université de la Suisse italienne), Via Giuseppe Buffi 13, Lugano, Tessin

DONNE E SALUTE - Uguaglianza di genere e diritto alla salute

AMCA/MMS L’Association tessinoise AMCA, en collaboration avec FOSIT (Fédération des ONG de la Suisse italienne) et Medicus Mundi Suisse, organise une conférence avec ...

Apr 16, 2019 / 18h00, à la maison Joseph Wresinski, chemin Galiffe 5, Genève

Inégalités sociales - impact sur la santé des enfants


ATD Quart Monde Dans le cadre des 30 ans de la convention des droits de l’enfant: Intervention du Dr Jean-Dominique Lormand, suivie d’une discussion avec les personnes ...

Apr 11, 2019

Health promotion 4.0

v "Throughout the world there is the recognition that we are at a turning point of development—The World Economic Forum has used the terms Globalization 4.0 and ...

Apr 05, 2019

Ruanda 25 Jahre nach dem Völkermord: Viele Opfer bis heute traumatisiert

Rwanda | Handicap International

Handicap International Ab Sonntag, 7. April, gedenkt Ruanda der über 800.000 Opfer des Völkermords. Selbst 25 Jahre nach den Taten lastet dieser Genozid immer noch schwer auf der ...

Apr 02, 2019

When ethics and politics collide in donor-funded global health research

The Lancet "In this Viewpoint, we share our experience of censorship in evaluation research for global health. Our experience shows a broader trend of donors and ...

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