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Global Health and Switzerland

Global Health and Switzerland

The right to health means every human being having the right to be born and grow up, to work and grow old without their health being jeopardized by human-influenced actions or by circumstances that humans can influence. This right has to be implemented and protected by individual nation states, but also by the international community. The Medicus Mundi Switzerland network is therefore dedicated to an active, solidarity-based health policy for Switzerland. (Photo: High Level Meeting, New York, June 2016/ Carine Weiss, Medicus Mundi Switzerland)

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Feb 20, 2019

Public Spending on Health: A Closer Look at Global Trends

New WHO report

World Health Organization WHO

World Health Organisation (WHO) "Three years after the international community adopted the Sustainable Development Goals at the 2015 UN General Assembly, the global health landscape has been ...

Feb 14, 2019

Feminism is for everybody

The Lancet "“To be ‘feminist’ in any authentic sense of the term is to want for all people, female and male, liberation from sexist role patterns, domination, and ...

Feb 14, 2019

The Political Economy of Global Health

Reflections from the Prince Mahidol Award Conference, Bangkok

International Health Policy (IHP) "Rachel Thompson is a researcher currently based at a UK think-tank. In this blog she shares her personal reflections from the recent Prince Mahidol Award ...

Feb 11, 2019

Minensuchdrohnen: Eine Revolution in der Minenräumung!


Chad | Handicap International

Handicap International In Faya-Largeau, im Norden des Tschad, hat HI begonnen, Minensuchdrohnen zu testen. Das Ziel ist, genauer herauszufinden, welche Gefahren in und auf dem Boden ...

Feb 07, 2019

Innovatives Hilfswerk: SolidarMed gewinnt Pfizer-Forschungspreis

SolidarMed Der renommierte Pfizer-Forschungspreis für Infektiologie geht dieses Jahr an das Schweizer Hilfswerk SolidarMed. Mit Dr. Josephine A. Muhairwe und Isaac K. ...

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