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Corona and the international cooperation

Corona and the international cooperation

The disease caused by the corona virus has spread all over the world, which is why the World Health Organisation has declared a pandemic. While medical care is already reaching the limits of its capacity in European countries, it will be impossible in the global south with similarly increasing numbers. In this folder we offer background information on the situation in resource-poor countries and political analyses of the consequences for global health. In addition we inform how our member organisations and their partner organisations are affected by the situation and how they deal with it. (Photo: Coronavirus/, CC BY 2.0)

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Oct 22, 2020

When the price of water is sexual assault

Sex for Water Project

Devex "In a village in Kenya, women wait to fill their jerrycans. While 2 Kenyan shillings ($0.01) should be payment enough, oftentimes the men operating the ...

Oct 22, 2020

Health: A Political Choice – Act Now, Together

World Leaders Unite in Their Response to COVID-19

PR Newswire "The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented global disruption and challenges. It has highlighted and widened existing gaps in universal health coverage ...

Oct 16, 2020

Le processus de commandes de médicaments à l’Hôpital de Lugala

Pharmaciens Sans Frontières Suisse (PSF) CARNET DE TERRAIN – En zones rurales, l’organisation est le maître mot de la bonne tenue d’une pharmacie. En effet, c’est par une organisation rigoureuse que ...

Oct 13, 2020

COVID-19 vaccines: how to ensure Africa has access

nature "History must not repeat itself — global and continental cooperation are essential. - Last month, a grand experiment was launched. Its aim? To speed up the ...

Oct 09, 2020

Madagascar : une situation sanitaire préoccupante

Madagascar | Pharmaciens sans Frontières Suisse

Pharmaciens Sans Frontières Suisse (PSF) CARNET DE TERRAIN – Alors que les cas de Covid-19 sont à la hausse depuis quelques semaines dans toutes les zones où le déconfinement a été entamé aux mois de ...

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