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Are NGOs spoiling our societies?

Public side event to the 72th World Health Assembly May 24, 2019

Are NGOs spoiling our societies? MMI/MMS The spaces for sexual and reproductive health and rights are shrinking, and so is the space for civil society organizations engaged in this field. In 2017 the US Administration under President Trump reinstated a policy known as the “Mexico City Policy” or “global gag rule” requiring foreign NGOs that receive U.S. family planning funds to certify they do not provide abortions or give abortion advice. Since then, the anti-abortion policies of the US administration have been further expanded. In our public side event to the World Health Assembly, panellists and all participants will be invited to share their experiences, stories and assessments of this “shrinking space for civil society” – and their strategies to recover the space needed for civil society organizations and their work in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights. If possible, please register your participation in advance. A registration form is available on the website of the Graduate Institute. Thank you! Contact for enquiries: Martin Leschhorn, Medicus Mundi Switzerland / Medicus Mundi International,, phone +41 (0)61 383 18 14

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