Ashal Alnur Ani, a nurse at the hospital, tests one of the new beds. El Daein, Sudan (UN Photo/Albert González Farran)



 Ashal Alnur Ani, a nurse at the hospital, tests one of the new beds. El Daein, Sudan (UN Photo/Albert González Farran)


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Universal Health Coverage: The Path to Health for All?


Opening by Thomas Vogel, president of the Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland
David B. Evans, World Health Organisation (WHO)
Universal Health Coverage: Myths and Reality

Gerhard Siegfried, SDC
UHC in the perspective of the Swiss Development Cooperation

Pia Fankhauser Zenhäusern, Member of the parliament of the Canton Basel-Landschaft

Remco van de Pas, wemos/MMI    
Interrogating scarcity: the political determinants of Universal Health Coverage

Panel discussion


Universal Health Coverage
and the Social Determinants of Health

Claude Meyer, P4H
Blague Dadjim, Chad
Connecting Universal Health Coverage with Social Health Protection

Hélène Aye Mondo, CADDAP, Kamerun, FAIRMED
The Baka People and the Right to Health in Cameroon
Simon Nkok, Kamerun, FAIRMED  
Community Fields and Health Insurances: FAIRMED's Approach for improving Health of Baka people in Cameroon

Panel discussion





Universal Health Coverage
and the Access to Health Systems

Manfred Stoermer, Swiss TPH
Health Insurance for the Rural Population: The Reform of community health funds in Dodoma Region, Tanzania

Eduardo Lambertin, Bolivia, Swiss Red Cross
Putting Universal Health Coverage into practise: the Swiss Red Cross approach in Bolivia


Parallel sessions


Universal Health Coverage: A Concept for the post-2015 Development Agenda?

Michael Gerber, SDC
The Post-2015 Agenda on Sustainable Development – Swiss proposal for a future health goal

The Right to Health and the post-2015
Development and Sustainability Agenda
With Andreas Loebell (SDC), Remco van de Pas (wemos/MMI), Verena Wieland (SRC) and Marcel Tanner (Swiss TPH)

Tanja Dussey-Cavassini, Federal Office of Public Health


End of the Symposium


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