A woman walks with her new born grandchild in a small village near Kathmandu, Nepal
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Welcome and introduction


Self-determined women – strong mothers – healthy children

Ann Svensén, Sweden, RFSU
Implementation of cairo+ and countdown 2015

Agnès Adjou-Moumouni, Benin, SDC
SDC's strategie for the promotion of mother and child health. The Benin exemple

Adriane Martin Hilber, Switzerland, Swiss TPH
Sucessful approaches to improve mother and child health

Plenary debate


Improving conditions for mother and child health

Elizabeth Moreno, Ecuador, Servicios de Salud Publica de Sucumbíos & Nathalie López, Ecuador, RIOS Ecuador
Together for Sumak Kawsay: Intercultural bridges between indigenous popoluation and health services for the sexual and reproductive rights

Katrin Heeskens, Bethlehem Mission Immensee
Situation of Samburu women in northern Kenia

Judith Eisenring, Switzerland, medico international
Midwifery has tradition




Improving conditions for mother and child health

Oumou Dolo, IAMANEH
Strengthening health promotion in Mali

Muzahid Ali, Bangladesh, Enfants du Monde
Empowering individuals, families and communities to improve maternal and newborn health in rural Bangladesh


Securing access to health services

Michael Hobbins, Switzerland, SolidarMed
The effect of demand side financing in promoting institutional births in rural Mozambique

Jean-Marc Thomé, Laos, Swiss Red Cross & Bounlam Souvannasab, Laos, Swiss Red Cross
National Strategy on Maternal, Newborn & Child Health in Lao PDR and the Swiss Red Cross / Lao Red Cross role towards improving financial access in its implementation

Erika Placella, Switzerland, Médecins du Monde
Un outil de plaidoyer pour l'introduction de mécanismes de protection sociale en santé: analyse des coûts de production des soins materno-infantiles en Haïti.


Parallel Sessions


Mother and child health: way forward to the future

Christina Biaggi, Switzerland, Swiss TPH & Sabina Matter, Switzerland, Novartis Foundation
eLearning in Maternal and Child Health: The Example of IMPACtt

Plenary debate

Sexuel and reproductive rights: Are we facing a conservative turn?

Ann Svensén (RUSF), Maja Loncarevic (IAMANEH), Jacques Martin (Santé Sexuelle Suisse), Annemarie Sancar (SDC)


End of the symposium


Moderator: Lisa Mathys


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