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Health - a Human Right?

Claudio Schuftan, People’s Health Movement
Human Rights: Breaking the Silence of Powerlessness

Natalya Olin, Nord Sud XXI
The Human Right to Health - the Global Perspective

Christine Kopp, Swiss Red Cross
Right to Health: Switzerland - a model country?


Human Rights Based Approach:
Experiences – Opportunities – Risks

Rafael Teck, Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung, Germany
Conceptual Thoughts to the Human Rights Based Approach (working title)


Integrating the Right to Health into health projects

José Parra Gaona, Tesâi Reka Paraguay
Right to Health - essential aspect of sustainable programmes

Laure Akofa Tay, Christoffel Blindenmission, Togo
CBR - making the right to health a reality for marginalised people


Human Right to Health: The Responsability of Switzerland

Thomas Gebauer, medico international, Germany
After the MDGs: An International Framework Convention on Global Health?

Helena Zweifel, Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland
MMS's Position Paper on Health and the Human Right to Health



With: Manon Schick (Amnesty International), Verena Wieland (Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland), Thomas Gebauer (medico international) and (Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter (Member of the National Council, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee) and Gerhard Siegfried (SDC).


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Moderator: Esther Oester

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