Conversations on COVID-19

Webinars series by Irish Global Health Network and ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships

Conversations on COVID-19 ESTHER Switzerland This series of webinars will focus on healthcare professionals and overseas staff working in Global Health in the era of COVID-19. These webinars will be held each Friday and we will host experts to discuss several COVID-19 topics that concern health professionals working in global health. There will be a questions and answers session with attendees to conclude the webinar, please send us your questions in advance to: Zeit: 1. Mai. 2020 01:00 PM; 8. Mai. 2020 01:00 PM; 15. Mai. 2020 01:00 PM; 22. Mai.2020 01:00 PM; 29. Mai. 2020 01:00 PM. Zeit angezeigt in Dublin.