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WHO Bulletin – special issue on healthy ageing

November 2017

WHO Bulletin – special issue on healthy ageing World Health Organisation (WHO) "This month’s issue has a special focus on healthy ageing, as introduced by John R Beard et al. in the first editorial. Dulce M Cruz-Oliver et al. expand on this theme in a second editorial with a discussion of end-of-life care in low and middle-income countries. Both editorials obviously focus on health policies & global frameworks in this respect, but it is also worth to draw attention to this paragraph: “ … Perhaps the most important barriers to ensuring that the SDG’s are inclusive of older people are pervasive misconceptions, negative attitudes and assumptions about older age. Ageism remains socially acceptable, strongly institutionalized, largely undetected and unchallenged. Ageism is a powerful barrier to developing good public policy, because it limits the way issues are framed and addressed..." (Editorial by John R Beard et al.) Photo: Peter van Eeuwijk/ Universität Basel