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Films for Health: an Indo-Swiss Partnerhsip

Film Screening and Symposium

Films for Health: an Indo-Swiss Partnerhsip Swiss TPH The Swiss TPH has organized a programme of Films for Health and Indo-Swiss Partnership. The event will show an Indian feature film and explain how various types of films may be used to advance the interests of public health and health education. Illustrating how entertainment relates to awareness, the award-winning feature film Astu - So Be It will be introduced and screened by the directors, Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar, and the principal actor, Mohan Agashe. The film explores an urban Indian family’s experience of ageing, memory, love, loss and compassion in the context of dementia. The following day a symposium will consider the appeal and the approach—not only of feature films but also documentaries and shorts—for public health awareness, scientific communication and for enriching teaching and training. The symposium will present the experience of Indian and Swiss partners making and using films and video for public health.