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Personalized Medicine: The Public Health Perspective

Basel, December 11-12 2014

Personalized Medicine: The Public Health Perspective Swiss TPH The Swiss TPH cordially invites you to its annual Autumn Symposium, this year on Personalized Medicine from a Public Health Perspective, to be held in Basel, Switzerland, December 11-12, 2014. Progress over recent decades in various fields of –omics, systems biology and bioinformatics provides unprecedented opportunities in research towards unravelling the complexity of chronic and other diseases. It promises personalization of medicine in the areas of disease prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment. Patients and medical doctors in oncology and medical genetics are already experiencing the benefits of novel diagnostic and treatment instruments, albeit progress in many cases comes at considerable costs. For most health applications the clinical utility and cost- effectiveness of personalized medicine approaches remain to be assessed. In fact, the evaluation of systems medicine approaches for their sensitive application towards improving public health is a priority for biomedical and epidemiological research over the next decade, both in high and low income countries. – omics based application cannot just replace, but in a smart way must be combined with non –omics based but equally personalized approaches to improve the health and wellbeing of people. It is after all poverty and associated lifestyles as well as social and built environments, not the genes we inherit which contribute most to health inequality. We invite scientists, public health specialists, health care providers, and students interested in biomedical and epidemiological research and personalized health care to join us in discussing the challenges ahead. We look forward to welcoming you in Basel.