Position Paper on Universal Health Coverage

Swiss Red Cross and SolidarMed's joint position paper

Position Paper on Universal Health Coverage SolidarMed, SRC With the Millennium Development goals coming to an end by 2015, a debate is going on about what could be a coherent global framework for the upcoming decade. As it stands now, the new framework will be called “sustainable development goals” and build on the triple bottom line: Social inclusion, economic development and ecologic sustainability. Concerning health, various concepts have been discussed: Wellbeing; reduction of avoidable mortality/morbidity, universal health coverage (UHC) and others. Amongst these, UHC has emerged as the most promising. To discuss and clarify the terminology and meaning of UHC, the Swiss Red Cross and SolidarMed have held a joint workshop in 2013. Out of this workshop, we have now developed a joint, short paper, which is now available.

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