Health and Trade: what hope for SDG3?

Health and Trade: what hope for SDG3? Health and Trade Network (HaT) "But away from the media sparkle, meeting in churches, parks and university rooms across the city, people’s movements from the Global South and citizens willing to scratch the surface are meeting this week to analyse, assess and critique the SDGs. This article aims to contribute to these debates by setting the scene for deeper investigations into the impact of global trade policies and laying open questions around the related potential for achieving SDG3 on health and well-being. Implementing the SDGs will require good governance, strong commitment and public health friendly legislation. This article questions whether this is possible in a global trade and investment climate driven by international competition to have the first and the best free trade agreements that are not designed to improve the many variables of international development." (Photo: Fish Market, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania / Rod Waddington, Flickr)