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ICRD 2017: Evidence. Engagement. Policies.

Research for Sustainable Development

ICRD 2017: Evidence. Engagement. Policies. International Conference on research for Development The conference offers a platform for researchers, policymakers, civil society, and others to come together and engage in creative dialogue and concerted action. ICRD 2017 will focus on research for sustainable development, in particular on improving our understanding of how evidence can support policies for transformation in countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This includes considering how the scientific community responds to knowledge needs, how decision-makers involve researchers, how evidence-based policymaking can be realized, and how alternative, non-linear science–policy–practice interactions might look. We encourage creative, interdisciplinary, and interactive contributions offering visionary, transformative pathways to sustainable development worldwide. One of the topics will be: "How can we ensure that health, food systems, and sustainable agricultural systems mutually reinforce one another to better support people’s livelihoods and well-being?"