The World Health Organization at the crossroads

Workshop during the congress „Armut und Gesundheit“. Berlin 20-21 March 2018

The World Health Organization at the crossroads medico international deutschland The WHO’s financial dependence from big donors – rich member states as well as corporate linked Philanthropic Foundations as the Bill&Melinda Gates foundation – 80% of the budget is currently project earmarked – gives these external actors tremendous influence on the direction and action of WHO. With the decision of the WHO in 2017 to grant “special relations” to the Gates Foundation, this influence is even more increased. In addition, WHO’s dependence is strengthening the influence of Big Pharma and through this a techno-medical View on Global Health. (...) These internal ambivalences of a WHO in the stranglehold poses questions that we want to discuss with our speakers during three events. (Photo: medico international)

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