Medical Nurse/ Trainer in Kamanga, Tansania 100%

3 years

Medical Nurse/ Trainer in Kamanga, Tansania 100% INTERTEAM As a part of the INTERTEAM Country Programme Tanzania we contribute significantly to the improvement of access to comprehensive quality health care services and quality education provision for children and youth with disabilities or other special needs. To support the above-mentioned Health Centre we are looking for a professional who is able to conduct the following tasks: -To get to know the local staff at the Health Centre and to assess constructively their level of training and skills, identifying gaps in a sensitive and non-critical manner. - To assist in the design of a training programme to address identified gaps in knowledge and skills. -To train local medical staff directly in a cultural sensitive manner where possible. - To support the work of the daily patient care. - If appropriate to seek volunteers who could address other gaps in training and to assist in recruiting them. - To liaise with other institutions and networks to develop and share areas of best practice. E-Mail: