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HIV/Aids: 46 Antworten auf eine globale Herausforderung

HIV/Aids: 46 Antworten auf eine globale Herausforderung

Masiye Camp – Psychosocial Support for Children Affected by AIDS

Von Stefan Germann / Heilsarmee / Regional Psycho Social Support Initiative REPSSI

Masiye Camp evolved in 1994 in response by the Salvation Army to the increasing challenge of children affected by AIDS. Stefan Germann, based at Tshelanyemba Hospital supervised a HBC program which provided support to children affected by AIDS. Most orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) programs at the time focused on material support and school fees. They were concerned that the area of psychosocial support was not being addressed. Masiye is a place of learning and facilitation of practical psychosocial support through life skills camps based on experiential learning methodologies.

The first camp started in May 1998 in tents. Though less visible, the investment that went on in terms of skills building in staff and volunteers in areas such as child counseling, experiential learning and camp leadership were critical. Over 60 youth were trained in that year. Key youth volunteers were recruited as Masiye staff members. During 1999 training courses in psychosocial support for children for OVC staff of other organizations started. Advocacy on the issue of psychosocial support for children was intensified. Meetings with UNAIDS resulted to commission a publication on psychosocial support for children affected by AIDS.

In 2000 the transfer of lessons learnt in the field of psychosocial support for children affected by AIDS to other programs in Africa was increased. Humuliza (terre des hommes) and Masiye staff facilitated a training in psychosocial support. People from the SADC region participated. This first gathering of people interested in psychosocial support issues resulted in a draft strategy for a regional scale up response in that field. A partnership with Humuliza started with the aim to facilitate a scale up response of grassroots psychosocial support initiatives for children affected by AIDS. By the end of 2002, Masiye was able to train some 4200 children affected by AIDS in short 10 day courses. Training was restructured to make it possible for trainees to participate in life skills camps, after experiencing intensive psychosocial support training course; trainees were attached as assistant group leaders to life skills camp working directly with children during their training courses which made training more meaningful. During 2001, support clubs for referral of children after life skills camps at Masiye were established. Kids Clubs are crucial to enhance a continuum of care and were launched by youth with support from Masiye. In 2001, the first consultation on psychosocial support for children affected by AIDS took place at Masiye. This brought together experts and practitioners in the field of OVC to jointly plan and strategize a regional scaling up program for psychosocial support for children. The UNAIDS Publication “Investing in our future; Psychosocial support for children affected by AIDS” was launched in 2001. In 2002 a training Video produced by Masiye and UNICEF was launched. Masiye partners joined in the Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative ( In December 2002, Masiye hosts a consultation on Children and AIDS, Psychosocial Support and National Stability and Security.

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Die Heilsarmee


Salvation Army Zimbabwe


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Human Rights and integration of patients into Society
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Children and orphans

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Zimbabwe with transferring lessons learnt in Psychosocial Support for Children Affected by AIDS into all of Africa


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Die Heilsarmee NHQ, Laupenstrasse 5, 3001 Bern
Stefan Germann, Salvation Army, Box AC 800, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, phone ++263 9 289 462,


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Salvation Army 2001, Masiye Camp External Evaluation Report. Daily Printers. Bulawayo


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