Von Martin Leschhorn Strebel / Medicus Mundi Schweiz

World Health Report 2008:
Primary Health Care: Now more than ever

“Why a renewal of primary health care (PHC), and why now, more than ever? The immediate answer is the palpable demand for it from Member States – not just from health professionals, but from the political arena as well. Globalization is putting the social cohesion of many countries under stress, and health systems, as key constituents of the architecture of contemporary societies, are clearly not performing as well as they could and as they should. People are increasingly impatient with the inability of health services to deliver levels of national coverage that meet stated demands and changing needs, and with their failure to provide services in ways that correspond to their expectations. Few would disagree that health systems need to respond better – and faster – to the challenges of a changing world. PHC can do that.“

When Beneficiaries Become Agents: The Experience of SRC in Community Empowerment and Action for Health

Die SRK-Publikation „When Beneficiaries become Agents – Community Empowerment and Action for Health“ ist Teil einer neuen Serie von Themenpapieren zu ‚Gesundheit‘. Sie stellt Erfahrungen und Lessons Learnt aus den SRK-Programmen für Basisgesundheit vor.;=24

Global Health Watch 2: An Alternative World Health Report

“In an increasingly integrated and globalised world characterized by, among other things, new cross-border threats to health, widening disparities in health and access to health care and an unacceptable level of human suffering and premature mortality in developing countries, civil society actors are asking ‘why is so little progress being made’? Like its critically-acclaimed predecessor, Global Health Watch 2 covers a comprehensive range of health topics, including access to medicines, mental health, water and sanitation, nutrition, and war and conflict.”

Dokumention zum 7. Symposium der schweizerischen Gesundheitszusammenarbeit:


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