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Chronic diseases: The global epidemic

Chronic diseases: The global epidemic

The WHO’s first “Global Status Report” defines noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, cancer or diabetes as a “slow-motion catastrophe.” Newly industrialized and industrializing countries are the greatest victims of these noncommunicable diseases. 80% of deaths due to cardiovascular disorders, cancer or diabetes were recorded among the poor and under-privileged populations in developing and newly industrializing countries. (Photo: World Granny/flickr)

Feb 26, 2018

The world is waiting for more than empty promises

Analysis in the run-up to the upcoming high-level meeting on non-communicable diseases Greater political commitment is crucial to get the global burden of chronic disease under control. Only if the topic is a priority on the agenda of the heads ...

Feb 02, 2018

Commercial influence in control of non-communicable diseases

Policy makers engaging with industry must understand the risks

British Medical Journal (BMJ) "Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are a threat to health and development globally, accounting for 72% of all deaths in 2016. The UN sustainable development ...

Jan 08, 2018

WHO Independent NCDs Commission launches with mission and priorities for action

World Health Organization WHO

World Health Organisation (WHO) "Experts and advocates in promoting health and preventing and controlling noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) have been mobilized to support the running of the WHO ...

Dec 04, 2017

Video vom Seniorentag 2017

Tanzania | Kwa Wazee

Kwa Wazee Dass auch mit den Ältesten – und besonders den Frauen – gerechnet werden kann, zeigt der kurze Clip vom vergangenen Older People’s Day im Muleba District: ...

Dec 04, 2017

Universal Pension Pilot in Muleba District

Tansania | Kwa Wazee

Kwa Wazee Die hohe Wirksamkeit – auch Kostenwirksamkeit – von Sozialrenten zum Schutz und zur Stärkung alter Menschen ist inzwischen allgemein anerkannt. Verschiedene ...

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